Baltic Association of the History and Philosophy of Science

Acta Baltica Historiae et Philosophiae Scientiarum
ABHPS Vol. 5, No. 1 (Spring 2017)

ISSN   2228-2009
ISSNe 2228-2017
DOI     10.11590/abhps

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Goals Achieved, Challenges to Conquer


Danielle Macbeth. Descartes on the Creation of the Eternal Truths.
Amirouche Moktefi. Are Other People’s Books Difficult to Read? The Logic Books in Lewis Carroll’s Private Library.
Jens Lemanski. Periods in the Use of Euler-Type Diagrams.
Małgorzata Durbas. Scientific Research in Stanisław Leszczyński Academy in Nancy in the Field of Agriculture and Its Practical Applications (1750–766).
Ülle Pärl. 25 Years of Change in Management Control Systems and Business Education in Estonia.

Book Review
Jean Paul Van Bendegem. Moktefi, Amirouche & Abeles, Francine F., eds. (2016), ‘What the Tortoise Said to Achilles’. Lewis Carroll’s Paradox of Inference, special double issue of The Carrollian, The Lewis Carroll Journal, no. 28 (November 2016), 136pp, ISSN 1462 6519, also ISBN 978 0 904117 39 4