Baltic Association of the History and Philosophy of Science

Acta Baltica Historiae et Philosophiae Scientiarum
ABHPS Vol. 2, No. 1 (Spring 2014)

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Sami Pihlström. A Pragmatist Dimension in Georg Henrik von Wright's Philosophy.
Piotr Köhler. The Life of Józef Warszewicz (1812–1866): the Kraków Period.
Kaarina Rein. Tartu as the Eastern Outpost of European Medicine in the First Half of the 17th Century.
Heldur Sander, Toivo Meikar, Anita Magowska. The Learned Gardeners of the Botanical Gardens of the University of Tartu and Their Activities (1803–1918).

Short Communications
Vahur Mägi. The Role of State Central Laboratory and National Testing Centre in Advancing Technology Studies in the Republic of Estonia.
Kostyantyn Kostyantynovich Vasylyev, Yuriy Kostyantynovich Vasylyev. Scientists and Their Schools: Grigoriy Vitalyevich Khlopin (1863–1929), Professor at Yuriev (Tartu) and Odessa Universities.

Book Reviews
Anita Staðulâne. Birgit Menzel; Michael Hagemeister & Bernice Glatzer Rosenthal (eds.), The New Age of Russia: Occult and Esoteric Dimensions, München & Berlin: Verlag Otto Sagner, 2012, 448 pp. ISSN 1868-2936, ISBN 978-3-86688-197-6.
Juozas Algimantas Krikðtopaitis. Historical and Cultural Experience – Intellectual Wealth of the Baltic Countries.
Manchester Manifesto on the History of Science and Technology.