Baltic Association of the History and Philosophy of Science

Acta Baltica Historiae et Philosophiae Scientiarum
ABHPS Vol. 12, No. 1 (Spring 2024)

Print cover
Ave Mets, Peeter Müürsepp, Endla Lõhkivi. Foreword.


Ave Mets. What Does 'φ-Scientificity' Mean? I. Models and Measurement: Galileo.
Juho Lindholm. The Problem of Realism in Vihalemm.
Jean-Pierre Llored. Practical Realism and the Philosophy of Science and Technology.
Eveli Neemre. Value Conflicts as Value Indicators.

Sven Ove Hansson. Scientific Expertise is Needed to Identify Pseudoscience.

Rein Vihalemm. 'On the Transition to the Theoretical Stage of Cognition (on the Example of the History of the Study of Chemical Affinity).'

News and Events
Biruté Railiené, Peeter Müürsepp. The 30th Baltic Conference on the History and Philosophy of Science.
Biruté Railiené. The 13th International Conference on the History of Chemistry.

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