Baltic Association of the History and Philosophy of Science

Acta Baltica Historiae et Philosophiae Scientiarum
ABHPS Vol. 10, No. 2 (Autumn 2022)

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Elena Tverytnykova, Maryna Gutnyk. World Physics in Ukraine: A Unique Experience of Consolidation of Scientists at Kharkiv Research Center of Physics (in the 1920s-1930s).
Varfolomii Savchuk, Viktoriia Dobrovolska. The First Attempts to Institutionalize Non-State Communities of Engineers and Technicians in the Russian Empire: Livland and Kherson Provinces.
Vitaliy Nadurak. Moral Heuristics and Two Types of Information Processing
Nataliia Kovalenko, Iryna Borodai, Halyna Salata. Scientific and Educational Support for the Agricultural Industry at the Time of National Liberation Movements in Ukraine (1917-1921): The Ethical Principles of Its Development.
Nataliia Rybka, Oksana Petinova, Irina Kadievska, Zoia Atamaniuk. Science, Creative Activity and Academic Plagiarism: Connections and Contradictions

Liudmila Klymenko. Ukrainian Scientists in Emigration.
Lyubov Sukhoterina, Vladimir Zharkikh. Oleksandr Mykolayovich Myklashevskyi: An Outstanding Economist and Historian of Economic Science of Ukrainian Origin
Lyubov Sukhoterina, Svetlana Kolot. Aleksander Aleksandrovich Alekseev: A Distinguished Representative of Research in Financial Law in the Early 20th Century.

Book Review
Katrin Velbaum. Maxwell, Nicholas (2017), Understanding Scientific Progress: Aim-Oriented Empiricism, St. Paul, MN: Paragon House, 232pp, ISBN: 978-1557789242.

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